cello meets creativity

You're not up for old-fashioned cello lessons? Not in the mood for dry etudes or competing in dusty competitions? Instead, you'd rather play freely, create your own melodies on your instrument or play in a band? Then you've come to the right place! I will show you how to improvise freely or over chords. You'll learn new playing techniques ("chopping" or "fingerstyle pizzicato"), learn music theory along the way, and eventually be able to write your own songs/pieces. Because cello can be much more than just a bass part in an orchestra. Do you feel like getting involved? Then click here to learn more.


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About me

My name is Mara Kochendörfer, I am a classically studied cellist and meanwhile at home in many different genres. As MARA the singing cellist I give solo concerts only for cello, vocals and loop station with 100% own arrangements. I combine pop songs with jazz, tango or chanson and want to show that the classical cello can be at home in very different styles and even groove.


After having played as a cellist in many different symphony and theater orchestras in Germany for a long time, I currently prefer to dedicate myself to songwriting, composing and arranging, and teaching creativity while making music. 


Here you can find more information about my cello lessons. I also offer lessons for advanced musicians with other instruments.

Possible focuses are:

- Modern playing techniques on the cello (chopping, fingerstyle pizzicato)

- loop station, effect pedals, amplified cello, equipment

- Improvisation (all melody instruments in C)

- Teaching improvisation in string classes

- music theory

- songwriting/composition

- Home recording (basics for beginners)

- Marketing strategies for musicians.

Contact me here and arrange a non-binding phone call.


On my artist page www.mara-cello.de you can find more information about my music and my concerts.